Join Our Team

At first (no pun intended), it may seem daunting to commit much of your time towards a club, but there are numerous advantages to joining robotics. We have a wide array of skills you can learn that can pertain your interests. These include: software development, mechanical design and engineering, financial management, marketing, and leadership opportunities. Our experienced students and mentors can help you develop these skills.

Beyond this, you will find a closely-knit community of people who have similar interests with you and through the FIRST competition, you can even meet other people involved in STEM from different schools.

Competitions are adrenaline-filled events where every team can see months of hard work manifest itself into a complex system made of metal and powered by software flying across the field at 20 mph. Each competition is full of intense but fun competition, problem-solving, and occasional dancing. It is one of the most unique and exciting experiences in high school.

So we hope we’ve convinced you a little more to join our club. Contact to inquire about meeting times to start learning about how the team works and how you can help contribute.